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Life Insurance

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Alaska life insurance from Pippel Insurance is very affordable and can help you meet your dependents’ financial needs after your death.

Having the right life insurance is a critical factor in making sure that your family is protected in dire circumstances. With the help of a Pippel Insurance representative, you can determine your Alaska life insurance needs, and get the type of life insurance that is right for you.

Here at Pippel Insurance, we offer two distinct types of Alaska life insurance: whole and term life insurance. Whole life insurance never expires, and therefore guarantees a payout to the policy holder. On the other hand, term life insurance covers only a specific period of time, and does not guarantee a payout. Because you are not guaranteed a payout, term life insurance tends to be less expensive than whole life insurance.

Which of the two policies you need depends on your situation and monetary needs. Our agents have been helping residents determine their life insurance needs for many years, and we can help you too!

If you have any questions or would like to speak to someone about our life insurance policies, please feel free to call a Pippel Insurance representative. We are always available, and are looking forward to doing everything we can to earn your business.